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Unveiling the BMW G80 M3 Shop Car: A Perfect Showcase of Performance and Innovation

In a recent video we started a new chapter at Premium Bespoke AutoWorks by unveiling the new shop car, the BMW G80 M3. This car was carefully selected after months of research, as it serves as a demonstration of the company's capabilities and expansion into new markets. In this blog post, we will delve into the reasons behind our choice, the unique features of the G80 M3, and its future potential for modifications and improvements.

 Premium Bespoke AutoWorks Shop Car Reveal

The Perfect Choice

We decided on the BMW G80 M3 after considering various alternatives in the same price bracket and segment. The M3 stood out as the ideal option for showcasing interior and exterior performance, offering a wide reach and longevity in the market. With the potential for future facelifts and staying current for years to come, the G80 M3 emerged as the best fit for Premium Bespoke AutoWorks, providing ample scope for enhancements and customisation.

Features and Market Comparison

While other options like the Mercedes E63 and the F90 M5 and Audi's alternatives were considered, the M3's combination of price, performance, and accessibility made it the most appealing choice. Its advanced platform and impressive capabilities set it apart from the competition and alternatives in other classes such as the Golf R and S3, which were deemed more suitable for a lower price point.

Resolving the Conflict of Interest 

During the selection process, we did have a little conflict of interest regarding the car's specifications. Initially, we came across a BMW G80 M3 at a dealer, which had all the options of the Ultimate Pack without officially having the Ultimate pack selected as an option. However, after further consideration and a stroke of luck, we found the car had previously belonged to car enthusiasts Matt Watson and had also served as a BMW press car for Chris Harris! Concerns arose about potential wear and tear from intense testing, which could impact its future resale value so we decided to pass on that example.

Chris Harris BMW M3 G80

Opting for the Ultimate Pack

In the end we decided to purchase another BMW G80 M3 with the Ultimate Pack from EAG Specialist Cars in St Neots. Although the previous car we considered had nearly identical features, the Ultimate Pack was essential for maintaining the car's value and attracting potential buyers in the future. It became evident that purchasing a press car, despite its appeal, could create uncertainty for resale purposes due to its extensive usage.

EAG Specialist Cars BMW M3


The unveiling of the BMW G80 M3 shop car marks an exciting milestone for Premium Bespoke AutoWorks. This carefully chosen vehicle will serve as a platform for showcasing the company's expertise and expanding into new markets with a growing product range and offering. With its outstanding performance, modern design, and the potential for upgrades, the G80 M3 demonstrates Premium Bespoke AutoWorks commitment to providing high-quality products and services. Stay tuned to witness the journey of this remarkable car as it undergoes modifications and further enhancements in the hands of the Auto Works team.

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