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We have updated our terms and conditions, effective 09/09/2022.  (previous terms and conditions 19/04/2022)


Bespoke steering wheels are complex items and hand-made to order. Whilst we aim to deliver the majority of bespoke steering wheels within 20-25 working days, delays can occur and can take up to 30 working days and in some instances and beyond. Any delays will be communicated with the customer and a new completion date will be issued where possible. PB Forged Wheels are also made to order and carry a lead time of 4 to 8 weeks depending on the specification chosen by the customer. Rush orders and Faster shipping is available, please get in touch for rates and delivery times (PB Forged Wheels only). 


For orders that experience delays caused by shipping, couriers or customs, Premium Bespoke AutoWorks and PB Forged Wheels are not liable. In these instances no refunds on products or the cost of shipping are applicable. 

Some parts of the production process are outsourced. This varies on vehicle make, model, year and the required modifications. If there are any issues in our supply chain such as delayed delivery of parts, faulty parts, suppliers closing business, additional waiting times, you will be updated by our production team at first notice. 

*Not including public holidays or weekends*

Some vehicles will require pre inspection before an order is started. This will subsequently increase the order lead time. For orders that fall into this category any costs associated such as, travel, pre inspection, parts removal and vehicle diagnosis will be at the cost of the customer.

Airbag supply is only available on orders that include installation or are collected by the customer (This does not include airbag covers).  


Shipping and handling times are detailed on each items product page. If we anticipate any delays with your order we will contact you immediately. 

Airbags are classed as dangerous goods and have to be sent VIA an ADR courier or courier that specialises in transporting hazardous materials. If your order includes an airbag and the only method of delivery to your chosen address is VIA courier, please allow additional time for your item/s to be arranged for shipment. 

If you have ordered multiple items and some are out of stock/ have a longer lead time (i.e. a bespoke steering wheel and a set of downpipes) we can dispatch all of your items together or individually starting with the item with the shortest lead time. In this instance we will contact you with details when your order has been placed.  

In the instance that we do not have your order in stock we will arrange for your item/s to be shipped directly from the manufacturer where duty may be payable by the purchaser. In this instance we will contact you before fulfilling your order. 

International orders and orders outside of the UK mainland will be subject to increased shipping and handling costs. Any and all customs and VAT charges are the sole responsibility of the purchaser and exempt from any refund if you return the item/s.

We can not be held accountable for any shipping delays once the item has left our UK facility and is with the courier, including where the customer has arranged their own shipping and handling. If the customer arranges their own shipping Premium Bespoke AutoWorks can not be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred in carriage. 

Christmas and national holiday periods present strains on logistics. There is a possibility of your order being delayed as a result not including the delays we are already experiencing due to COVID-19 and the current micro chip shortage. Please bear this in mind when ordering.



We provide a full money back guarantee (excluding shipping, handling, return fees and taxes) on non-customised items if they are returned within 14 days of delivery. All returns must be sent back in the original packaging and condition, undamaged. If items are not returned in this condition they will be rejected. The cost to return the item/s is the purchasers responsibility. Any and all delivery charges associated with your order are non refundable. To return you order you must contact us at Any products returned without contacting us first will be rejected.

It is the purchasers responsibility to check that all details are correct on the sales quote and invoice such as delivery address and items requested. Any mistakes will not be liable by Premium Bespoke AutoWorks or PB Forged Wheels. PB Forged Wheels require a 50% PRODUCTION DEPOSIT to begin an order for custom made wheels. By paying the PRODUCTION DEPOSIT the customer gives PB Forged Wheels their approval to manufacture a wheelset to the specifications outlined in their sales quote. The Customer understands the PRODUCTION DEPOSIT is also NON-REFUNDABLE and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. By paying the deposit, the Customer agrees NOT to initiate credit card disputes or cancel payment(s) for any reason.


PB Forged wheels & all steering wheels are customised and built for your order only and therefore all PB Forged wheels & steering wheel orders are exempt from cancellation and are non-refundable. In the case that an order is placed and Premium Bespoke AutoWorks are unable to full fill the order due wheel core availability a refund will be processed back to the customer. Full refunds will not be offered in the event of a faulty part/s. In the instance of a fault with one or more parts of your bespoke steering wheel a replacement for the part/ parts in question will be issued before any refund (of the cost of faulty part only) is offered. If you have purchased installation with your bespoke steering wheel or set of PB Forged wheels and decide not to proceed with the service, no credit or return for any perceived installation cost is applicable. 


We recommend qualified individuals and/ or businesses install all parts or accessories purchased. Due to nature of our products, slight variances may be present and small modifications may be required for installation. Test fitting our products before the initial installation is highly recommended. If we or our approved partner have not carried out the initial installation no warranty on parts and/ or labour is available. We cannot be held liable for any problems, damage and/ or issues you may encounter during and after installation. However, if you do experience any installation issues please refer to the aftercare material that accompanies your purchase. Failing that please contact us so we can diagnose the problem and offer a solution (from troubleshooting to booking your vehicle in at our facility for installation). If the product is faulty or defective we will exchange the item or issue a replacement upon proof of defective parts. If insufficient evidence is supplied Premium Bespoke AutoWorks will test any/ all returned parts to ascertain any perceived faults. This does not include where you or your chosen installer has refused to do any minor modification that may be required for fitment. If the item has been damaged or altered from the original condition the item is no longer applicable for a return.

A charge of 20% of the order total is charged for all applicable returns. If a custom order return is accepted a charge of 50% of the order total will be applicable. This is to cover, Admin, handling and restocking, reselling and reconditioning.


Failure to disclose or confirm vehicle details and functionality when ordering (such as lane tracking assist, heated steering wheel functions, PCD, centre bore and any other vehicle specific functions) when placing your order will result in additional charges and time to rectify at the customers cost (if possible) or the cancellation of your order with no refund offered. 

Premium Bespoke AutoWorks can not and does not guarantee colour matching due to using different materials to all companies. Colours need to be confirmed at the point of payment. Failure to communicate the need for a colour match will result in time and cost to rectify at the customers expense. 


Steering wheel functions may differ or not be available for vehicles that have been damage repaired. If your vehicle has previously been damaged, (declared a write off or had unrecorded damage) and has now been repaired and you experience a loss of functionality we will be happy to investigate any/ all issues. However, this will be at the customers cost as we cannot guarantee your vehicle has been repaired to manufacturer standards.

Premium Bespoke AutoWorks are not liable for vehicle battery issues including battery failures. Steering wheels and other electronic products and services are additional to your vehicle’s factory specification. Therefore, it is the customers responsibility to ensure the battery is an appropriate standard to operate any and all upgrades installed on the vehicle. Where required/ possible Premium Bespoke AutoWorks will provide additional hardware for vehicles with anti-theft software and/ or functional instructions on how to make the most of your product. This includes but is not limited to powering the device on and off manually (for steering wheels fitted with an LED unit). Premium Bespoke AutoWorks will provide additional hardware, software and/ or instruction for eligible orders. Therefore these orders are not eligible for a refund. Some vehicles do not have a 12v power source in/ around the steering wheel/ clockspring area and will need additional wiring/ pins/ 12v supply to be installed in order to make the most of your bespoke steering wheel. Vehicles that require this type of installation are also not eligible for a refund.​

If any stakeholders (i.e. insurance, finance companies, registered keepers etc) must be informed of any changes made to your vehicle the customer takes full responsibility of doing so. This includes deciding on whether to go through with any and all modifications. 

It is the customers responsibility to check that all details are correct on the sales quote and invoice such as delivery address and items requested. Premium Bespoke AutoWorks/PB Forged Wheels can not be held responsible for any errors. Any and all confirmed changes made to steering wheel specifications at the request of the customer or Premium Bespoke AutoWorks will result in a new order form being generated and the order being exempt from a refund. 

PB Forged and PB Carbon Wheels require a 60% production deposit to begin an order for custom made wheels. By paying this deposit the customer gives their approval to manufacture their wheel order to the specifications outlined in this sales quote. The production deposit is non refundable and all sales are final. By paying the deposit, the Customer agrees not to cancel or dispute payment(s) for any reason. 

Digital cluster retrofits consist of brand new and refurbished parts for compatible vehicles. All parts required for a complete installation are covered under warranty. 


All steering wheels come with a 6-month parts and labour warranty when fitted by ourselves or our approved partners. Your warranty will start on the date of installation. All warranty work must be carried out at our facility. Refusal to travel to us will result in your warranty being void and no refund/ rework offered. Due to our products being hand made, Premium Bespoke AutoWorks reserves the right to carry out warranty work at the availability of parts and labour. 


For PB Forged wheels & steering wheel warranty claims, the steering wheel must not be modified or damaged from its original condition. Please note that all warranty work will be carried out at our fitting centre so the correct diagnosis and inspection can be carried out. Upon inspection, If we determine any/ all faults to be the result of tampering or negligence your warranty will be void. In addition, if PB Forged wheels and/ or the steering wheel has been installed on a vehicle that already has modifications, any/ all faults must be diagnosed by a Premium Bespoke AutoWorks technician at the customers cost before we can accept a root cause. Failure to do so will void your warranty. Any additional costs such as travel, accommodation or rental vehicles are not our responsibility and can not be claimed for. In instances where Premium Bespoke AutoWorks have not been notified of any issues upon installation no claims can be made against Premium Bespoke AutoWorks for additional parts and labour.

Warranty is not transferable to a new owner of the steering wheel or forged wheel set if sold or the vehicle's new owner if the vehicle is sold with the steering wheel/ forged wheel set still fitted. Our warranty covers mechanical breakdown only. Wear and tear is not covered.

PB Forged wheels must be properly installed on the vehicle for which the wheels were manufactured for as specified and agreed to on the Order Confirmation authorised by the purchaser, or in the care and mounting instructions provided at the time of delivery, and where applicable, by using the specified lug nuts/bolts or other hardware which may be supplied by PB Forged wheels for such installation. In addition, the tires that are mounted on the wheels must be correct for the vehicle.



This warranty does not cover damage to, or any failure of an PB Forged wheel caused by unreasonable use of the wheels, road hazard or externally caused damage from the following conditions:

1) Off road racing, or unpaved road driving conditions or road hazards; for example, pot holes, gravel, road debris, scrap metal, tire remnants, trash and other road clutter.

2) The failure to properly use the tires which are mounted on the PB Forged wheels; for example, improper inflation of tires, loading the vehicle beyond its capacity, misalignment of tires and wheels, imbalance of tires and wheels and/or the use of incorrect tires and wheels.

3) Any kind of impact or abuse resulting from bends/bending of rim parts, collision/impacts, pot holes, flat tires, curbing, racing, accident, fire, vandalism or rubbing due to projection from the wheel well.

4) Infrequent or improper cleaning of PB Forged wheels will void the finish warranty. Only a mild soap applied with a hose or soft cloth should be used to clean PB Forged wheels. Cleaning PB Forged Wheels with a hard or coarse brush or fabric, chemical based cleaners or acid sprays may cause damage to the finish that will void the warranty. Note: Many car washes use acid spray to clean wheels.

5) Exposure to road salt or other hazardous chemicals used on roadways during inclement weather.

6) The application to PB Forged wheels of any type of clip-on weights or other accessories. USE TAPE-ON WEIGHTS ONLY.

7) Any damage or failure which occurs as a result of your continued use of PB Forged wheels after your discovery of a problem.

8) Wheels damaged in transit or by misuse, accident or negligence, or that have been repaired or altered by anyone other than PB Forged wheels or approved partners.

PB Forged wheels come with a 3 year structural and 1 year finishing warranty if our terms of warranty provision are met. 

Vehicle wraps are covered by a 2 year warranty against any fitting issues and manufacturer warranty against issues with the material itself. 

We review our terms and conditions on a regular basis to ensure we offer the best product/s and service for our customers. Any amendments to our terms of business above will be communicated on this page in the form of a banner stating 'we have updated our terms and conditions'. The terms and conditions above are Premium Bespoke AutoWorks latests terms of business. ​

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