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Steering Wheel Anyone?

For us here at premium Bespoke AutoWorks, very few interior modifications rival a custom steering wheel, and for the most part we think modification of this component is somewhat overlooked.

Generally the customisation of a wheel is inspired by the vehicle interior to some extent. But our passion behind modification, is providing our customers with the opportunity to impart their own creativity on something that has traditionally remained stock on many modified cars, which makes steering wheel modification that more special...

Typical configurations

Some prefer a simplistic and subtle OEM+ finish, which gives your interior styling a unique edge. Our vast range of high quality leather and alcantara cores gently enhance your cockpit, not only modernising but improving the feel of the vehicle interior. OEM+ steering wheels are usually further customised with contoured grips for a hint of sportiness, and stitching to compliment existing accents inside or outside of the car.

Others opt for a more race centric theme. An all carbon core, carbon trims and shifters. Regardless of the material used for grips, the implementation of a carbon fibre core is edgy, bold and adds a very high end appearance to your interior in comparison to the stock wheel. In cases where the vehicle has elements of carbon trim in the interior, the carbon fits very well.

Many of our customers opt for an LED display across the top of the wheel to complete this look. LED displays are a real wow factor, especially if this was not a previous feature on the vehicle prior to modification. The visual engagement an LED display brings is second to none, and without a doubt, makes launching off the lights that bit more gratifying..

In-depth Review by an existing customer

We recently took to Instagram to reach out to some of fellow car enthusiasts we've had the pleasure of working with. Mark Alden, who runs an entertaining YouTube vlog and drives a VERY clean MKI R8 4.2L V8. Check out his page here where you can follow his journey with this car to date.

Mark came to us soon after he purchased his R8. He described the look he wanted to achieve with his upgrade, we talked him though a range of materials and finishes available, and produced a striking OEM + upgrade to compliment his R8. Complete with perforated leather and alcantara core, contoured grips a custom alcantara airbag cover with matching stitching and a flat bottom.

We shipped the completed wheel out to Mark, who made a pretty entertaining installation video, which you can check out below.

It was from Mark's YouTube we soon realised the MK1 R8 was actually his dream car, we wanted to be sure to produce a wheel for Mark that further emphasised the feeling of owning a car you have always wanted.

Mark has been running the upgraded steering wheel for just under 2 months. He notes that his driving experience has been drastically improved with his upgrade, the ergonomic design of the contoured grips reduced slip when compared to the original wheel making his driving engagement more pleasurable. With the power that an R8 boasts, better ergonomic design ultimately improves you confidence behind the wheel.

Mark took his R8 to Supercarfest, a popular enthusiast meet-up situated Northampton, UK several weekends back. He mentioned that a lot of people saw his upgraded wheel and were amazed by it, the most notable comment was how such a subtle upgrade modernised the interior of the car so drastically.

All in all we had a great experience working with Mark and we were happy to deliver above and beyond his expectations. Mark went on to describe our service as exclusive, effective and engaging.

Customer First. Quality Focused.

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