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PB Forged Carbon

We have always strived to provide unparalleled quality, an awe-inspiring atheistic presence and sheer exclusivity with our products. Our latest product offering sets a precedence to our dedication in this regard. We are proud pioneers, being the first UK based Aftermarket alloy wheel brand retailing a product of this calibre, targeted specifically to super-car and hyper-car owners, we are thrilled to introduce the Premium Bespoke Forged Carbon range.

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Our solution to high end vehicle owners who are looking for pinnacle performance, exceptional durability and weight saving features, are currently manifested in two offerings.


The PBCF-1 is our flagship Carbon Hybrid wheel. Simple yet impactful in appearance, characterised by a 10 spoke forged aluminium centre. The PBCF1 is distinctively motorsport, perfectly balanced with innovative design and performance features.


The PBCF-2 is the second iteration of our Carbon hybrid range, our aim was to produce a visually striking centre, catering for those seeking bold styling in addition to incredible performance. The term statement piece is not often used in the automobile world, but these are undoubtedly statement wheels.

Technically speaking, these wheels are known across the industry as Carbon hybrid wheels, this is because the 6061 aluminium centre is bolted to a carbon barrel. The latter constructed of layers of carbon weave that are engineered to produce an phenomenally strong and lightweight cylindrical barrel.


Dymag® continues to lead the carbon wheel industry, and has done so for 20+ years. Their wealth of experience coupled with our passion for motorsport, and desire to produce premium products made our collaboration a natural fit.

The meticulous craftsmanship, forefront technology and relentless quality control measures that go into each individual barrel is truly astonishing, to emphasise these points, you should know that components of the design are patent protected. Stay tuned as we will soon be providing more of an insight into the manufacturing processes for this exclusive range.

If the preceding text and imagery have not already had you envisioning a set of PBCF wheels on your vehicle, then lets run through some of the figures and get technical. The bottom line is lower unsprung mass, or less energy required to turn the wheel, the result? Quicker 0-60, quicker cornering, and in the face of ever increasing petroleum prices, better fuel economy. All achieved due to the innate properties of carbon fibre as an engineering material. You are looking at a weight saving of up to 25% when compared to forged wheels.

Significant customisation for the aluminium face is possible through the flange technology incorporated in the design of the carbon barrel. So if you are after even more exclusivity? Get in touch with us, we will work with you to produce a unique set of wheels for your high performance vehicle.

In typical premium BespokeAutoworks fashion, we do not limit our audience to off the shelf products. The carbon barrel is not limited to weaved carbon either, we offer multiple colours of carbon weave, forged carbon, as well as the ability to choose the finish of the barrel

Last but not least, safety. All of our wheels pass stringent testing and abide by international safety requirements, and are by the likes of TUV, SAE and JWL VIA.

Customer First. Quality Focused

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