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Going Forged?

At the end of 2021, we launched our own take in the aftermarket wheel space. PB Forged. This latest product offering includes a series of meticulously designed 1,2 and 3 piece forged alloy wheels in various sizes and designs to suit a range of vehicle types. Be it a hyper car, SUV, hot-hatch, sports coupe or luxury saloon, we have you covered.

Cast vs Forged

When compared to fully forged rims, traditional cast wheels have a downside, they are typically heavier and not as strong mechanically. Casting as a manufacturing process can lead to inconsistencies in the wheel structure.

The main disadvantages are wheels are prone to porosity - very small pockets of air within the wheel which can lead to oxidation and cracking. As a result, these wheels are made heavier to negate this potential problem. A heavier wheel results in a lower fuel economy (bad), and slower lower lap times (very bad).

Forged wheels are precisely engineered to produce a wheel that is essentially performance oriented. A 1 piece forged wheel begins as a solid piece of metal that is subject to immense heat and pressure producing the desired dimensions of the final wheel design. Forged wheels have what is known as a better grain structure. They are typically lighter, stronger and are significantly more resistant to oxidation and corrosion.

Differences between 1 piece, 2 piece and 3 piece forged wheels

Depending on the desired look, or budget you may opt for a 1, 2 or 3 piece forged wheel. Lets briefly go through the differences in these configurations:

1 Piece Forged

CNC'd' from a single block of aluminium, the aim for this configuration is to be light weight, and 1 piece forged wheels are lightest of the three. However, a wheel is often rendered irreparable if damaged, meaning a wheel replacement is required, which can be costly.

2 Piece Forged

Formed from a barrel and an outer barrel (centre with lip) - two aluminium components bolted together. 2 piece forged wheels are heavier than a 1 piece forged wheel, but advantageous in that outer rim damage can be easily repaired with a replacement to the outer barrel. Other advantages include swapping out faces for a fresher look as well as increased colour options.

3 Piece Forged

Formed from an Inner barrel, outer barrel and centre - three aluminium components bolted together. You guessed it, the heaviest of the three. However, advantages include increased affordability in replacing if sections of the outer barrel and centre if they become damaged. In addition there are further increased colour options for a 3 Piece wheel.

Why go forged with us?

Each PB Forged wheel begins its journey as a 6061-T6, Aerospace grade aluminium alloy billet. 6061-T6 aluminium is an ideal material for wheels due to its strength, toughness and machining performance. The cylindrical shape, or barrel, is formed by subjecting the billet to high temperature (430-480°C) and pressure (up to 10K metric tonnes).

Each design is then subject to rigorous testing to ensure the wheels are fit for purpose. Cornering fatigue (bending), impact, and radial load testing to name a few, ensure our wheels are safe and structurally sound. All wheels by PB Forged are certified by internationally recognised bodies VIA, JWL and TUV (Carbon Collection).

For us, a main highlight is that each wheel is custom for your vehicle, having a wheel engineered to precise fitments means we can achieve a one of a kind look to stand out from the crowd. Wheel width, concavity and lip sizes can all be tweaked to deliver a striking stance without the use of spacers.

Take a look at our current forged wheel collection here and get in touch if you have any questions.

Customer First. Quality Focused.

P.S We will let you in on a little secret… We have some very exciting projects in the pipeline regarding the wheel space so be sure to stay tuned!

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