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PB Forged Collection 

From £875 per wheel (monoblock wheels)




For the unique customer that would like 1 of 1 wheel tailor made for their vehicle. Work closely with our team of professionals to build a design suitable for you.




Before the production of our wheels commence. Each design is subject to Finite Analysis. This process examines the design for imperfections to ensure our wheels are 100% safe and fit for their designed purpose.


PB Forged wheels are constructed using the finest aerospace grade 6061 aluminium billets. Using a 10,000 tonne press, our designs are lathed and milled before being finished and customised to the customers specification. 


Our wheels are subject to multiple dynamic balance and runout tests, bending fatigue tests, radial fatigue tests and impact tests. This ensures that each wheel meets quality standards before being dispatched from our warehouse to the end user.

Forging our wheels from single pieces of aluminium billet ensures our wheels are stronger and lighter than traditional cast wheels. Forged wheels are also less porous than cast wheels, more durable and more resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Additionally, the wheel's structural integrity is not compromised by imperfections that can occur in the casting process. .

All of our designs can be customised to suit a variety of vehicles and are available in a range of colours and finishes. The colour of the bolts (2 or 3 piece) either hidden or visible are also available in a range of colours. As well as wheel fastenings. ​

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